My name is Sandy Wang. I am simultaneously a student, a designer, and a Canadian. Not too many people outside of the provincial boarders know about Burnaby, so I tell people I live in Vancouver.

This is my third attempt at maintaining a blog.

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Vancouver False Creek 24hr time-lapse. from Sandy Wang on Vimeo.

One of my first successful timelapses, cued to sexy music, of course.

Work from Omer Arbel Office

Visualization in collaboration with SALA M.Arch thesis student Angela Enman. Her research:

Transcending the Everyday

Using the ‘environmental unit’ concept from the book Made in Tokyo, an urban cemetery is attached to Broadway-City Hall skytrain station on the Canada Line, thickening the existing infrastructure and creating a direct connection from the station to City Hall. The project includes two different interment typologies - one traditional and one invented - with accompanying facilities as well as several programs to serve both commuters and mourners. By juxtaposing the rituals of commuting and remembering the dead, each one is heightened and new depth brought to the experience of everyday urban life.”

-Angela Enman, 2014


Visuals by me in collaboration with SALA M.Arch thesis student Mira Yung.

Her research:


"Over the course of the last centuries the urbanized coastline has progressively lost its original form. Finally the challenges of climate change calls for a new vision that anticipates future. Providing flood resiliency to an urbanized coastline such as False Creek requires careful mediation between the existing condition and the proposed. By investigating the conventional earth dike, Coastalogy turns the forces around as a producer of spatial opportunities for human and habitat, while remediating the ecology and connecting people back to the water"

—Mira Yung, 2014

Congratulations Mira! And all thesis presenters of 2013-2014! Amazing body of work!

Sock casting, material exploration with fabric and plaster - details.

Work from Omer Arbel Office

Touched up this old rendering, again. 

Touched up this old rendering, again. 

Thesis, photo collage visualizing roadway transformations.

—with Jordan Beggs, production help + moral support.

Sketch models, 1:100

Average flight range of migratory passerines (song birds).

Calendar of food bearing trees and shrubs beneficial for migratory birds.

Calendar of food bearing trees and shrubs beneficial for migratory birds.

testing out a planter/bird feeder idea. ceramic bisque.

Slip casting of P_Wall test.

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Our own versions of Matsys’s P_Wall.

Studio test with Amy Chang.

Regional Strategy for the Öresund Region between Sweden and Denmark.

Research accredited to Edda Ívarsdóttir, Nasos Alexis, and Kristina Stenström.

Thanks guys.

Study of Dorte Mandrup’s Daycare Center in Naestvedgade, Copenhagen, through diagrams.

(Plans and Sections are originals from Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter)

Assignment: Toolbox for sustainable urban design

Location: Amsterdam